Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet Review

Lincoln Viking 3350 is a professional welding helmet. A professional welder wants a helmet that does everything, does everything well, and does it easily. Reviewer is a professional welder who knows how critical a good welding helmet is for the quality of your work and, in particular, your safety. The helmet comes with an integral welding hood which comes in several colors and finishes. It's retailing for around $60.
lincoln viking 3350 review

The Lincoln Viking 3350 Review

Lincoln Viking 3350 Helmet offers the best possible optical rating and is one of the widest lenses on the market with a vast field of view. The high-sensitivity lens works well even when working with a low TIG amp. Suitable for use in a wide variety of sectors such as general engineering, power generation, shipbuilding, structural, offshore, and pipeline industries. If you're looking for a helmet with a wide range of features, then Viking 3350 needs your attention.

The Lincoln Viking 3350 Visibility

Viking 3350 has the highest visual clarity available in all four categories of visibility. Features state-of-the-art 4C lens technology that optimizes clarity. This is as good as it gets in terms of reducing eye pain.

At 3.74" x 3.34" the viewing range isn't the widest out there, but it's close. It's a fantastic feature, particularly for beginners who might struggle to find the best place for maximum visibility.

Four high-tech sensors help ensure that you don't get flashed or encounter blind spots while running. The auto-darkening shade would darken in 1/25,000th of a second, which holds excess UV light exposure to almost nil. You can also get a range of sensitivity settings from DIN5 to DIN13.

High Marks For Durability

Built of solid and resilient materials, the Viking 3350 is very robust. The rigid and glossy exterior finish makes it vulnerable to surface damage. Rechargeable, replaceable solar batteries mean that if you do a lot of sunshine work, you will never have to recharge it yourself.

Viking 3350 is one of the lightest and most convenient welding helmets in the world. Weighing at only 595 grams or 21 ounces can lead some people to feel neck fatigue. It has an easy-to-use fitting knob and remains in place until installed.

Lincoln Viking 3350 has 4C lens technology, meaning you'll get less eye pressure than any other mask. You should change the distance between the mask and your face for optimum exposure. The optional ventilation system keeps the air circulating to keep you comfortable in hot weather.

The Lincoln Viking 3350 Adjustment

Controls found inside the hood are manual interfaces with basic dial keys. This gives you the ability to make very fine adjustments and is much quicker and easy to use. Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Auto Welding Welding Helmet is still ready to go. Just make sure that the battery is charged, change the DIN anywhere from 5 to 13 to meet your needs.


Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 is a nice professional welder helmet. It provides the best level of safety, quality, longevity, and comfort. Not for the inexperienced welder or others who cannot justify the value.