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Best Pipeline Welding Helmet Reviews

Pipeline welder requires protection from welding spatters during the bottom side welding of the pipeline. Your face, hair, throat, and ears must be completely protected by the welding mask. During his work, the pipeline welder needs to travel in precarious places across the pipeline.

The pipeline welder needs a glare-free view while the location of the sun is directly behind the welder. With the aid of the Balsa jar, the pancake hood will seal out all the sunlight that allows the shading lens to glow. Choose an pipeline auto-dark helmet with intrusion suppression technology.

Best Pipeline Welding Helmets and Pancake Hoods

The best pipeline welding helmets and pancake hoods mentioned below are provided with their actual details. Also, I have defined each object with its pros and cons. If you prefer all of them according to your working circumstances, it would be a smart choice.

1. Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Fiberglass Welding Helmet (110WH)

Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Fiberglass Welding Helmet

It's lightweight with supportive headgear to help minimize the pressure of the welder in the throat. The curve corner with an ultra-soft surface will redirect the welding sparks during the bottom-side welding of the pipes. It comes with a ratchet headgear that enables regular adjustment of the headband.

This pipeliner helmet has a non-flip front shade, but overhead with a free-floating arm helps to stabilize the helmet. This hood is also adaptable to other safety hats after a minor adjustment. Fiberglass plus material is lightweight and has a smooth surface that can survive the impact.

2. HZXVOGEN  True Color Auto-Darkening welding Helmet

HZXVOGEN  True Color Auto-Darkening welding Helmet

Helmet shell insulation has a high-temperature tolerance as well as a flame retardant. Lightweight and adjustable headgear guarantees comfort and improved fit. Its aerodynamic form is made for spark deflection as the bottom of the pipeline is welded.

The only downside of this hood is that it has two arc sensors. Good quality liquid crystal coated shield prevents the welder from being harmed by UV/IR radiation. This hood comes with a true color technology lens that can boost vision and reduce eye pressure.

3. Fibre-Metal by Honeywell 906BK

Fibre-Metal by Honeywell 906BK

Many experienced welders prefer Honeywell brand helmets for pipe welding. This helmet material can withstand high temperatures. It can tolerate the chipping, peeling, and fading of the surface over time.

Honeywell 906GY complies with all safety requirements of ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3. The ratchet headgear with a free-floating arm helps to stabilize the helmet while the welder has to travel across the pipeline. The transparent safe lens helps you to grind with normal vision. The shade of the DIN 10 lens is kept in the flip-up lid so you don't need regular nodding of the shell.

4. Sellstrom Passive Nylon Hood S29411-08E

Sellstrom Passive Nylon Hood S29411-08E

The leather bib covers the neck and head from a welding spark during the welding of the bottom side of the shaft. This is also the top-rated hot and confined workplace welding helmet. Some experienced welders prefer a passive helmet to an auto-dark.

The silver coating keeps the helmet temperature 30 degrees cooler than the regular pipeliner helmet. Head and chin cover with leather bib makes for more air circulation, which induces cooling due to evaporation of sweat. It's lightweight and convenient fit thanks to the ratchet headgear that makes the welder maneuver through the pipeline quickly. It complies with both the safety and technical requirements of ANSI Z87.1.

5. DEWALT DXMF 21011 Auto-Darkening

DEWALT DXMF 21011 Auto-Darkening

Extended form architecture prevents the welding throat and head from welding sparks. The curved external lens helps to deflect the welding sparks during bottom-side welding. Lightweight and easy fit help the welder maneuver through the pipeline quickly.

It comes with 4 independent high-sensitivity arc sensors. This welding mask can be used in various positions in three different mode environments. Adjustable multi-point rig and sweatband. Sweatband lets the welder keep focused on working without wiping the sweat from the eyes in a hot environment. It complies with all safety and technical requirements of ANSI Z87.1, CAN/CSA Z94.3.


Pipeline welding is one of the toughest jobs in the world of welding. Choosing the correct pipeliner hood for this challenging job is very critical to you. I picked these best pipeline welding helmets, after taking a peek at the experienced pipe welder.